Student Code Of Conducts


Code of Conduct for students
1. Every student shall wear clean, neat and formal dress, fitted to our culture and tradition.
2. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited on the college campus. Students who violate this rule will have to face disciplinary action.
3. Students should always hold their identity cards inside the campus daily.
4. Ragging in any form is a serious offence and it will be dealt with severely.
5. The college expects students of both sexes to foster a healthy and decent relationship both on campus and of campus. The very spirit of co-education lies in facilitating such a relationship. Any behaviour contrary to this sprit is deemed unlawful and punishable.
6. Students should stay away from any anti social activities.
7. During leisure hours, students are advised to use the library.
8. During leisure hours women students should go to the rest room or library. They should not stay in the classrooms.
9. When a teacher enters the classrooms, the students should raise and keep standing until they are asked to sit or until the teacher takes his/her seat.
10. During class hours a student cannot go out of the classroom without the permission of the teacher concerned.
11. Students shall move from one classroom to another or get out of the classroom without making any noise.
12. Students should bring prescribed textbooks to the classes every day.
13. Defacing the blackboards of walls will be severely dealt with.
14. Students should handle the furniture and other properties with care.
15. Without the permission of the Principal, Students are not permitted to circulate any printed materials or pamphlets.
16. Damage fee will be collected for any damage caused by them knowingly or unknowingly.
17. Visitors are not allowed to meet the students in the classrooms.
18. Students should take care of their belongings. The institution will not be responsible for any loss.